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League Play


  • League is played on Wednesday nights at 7:30.  

  • Games played are cricket, 501 and 1001. There are singles matches, doubles matches, and a team game.


League play is organized into teams and divisions. Each team has 4-6 players and each team is placed into a division of 4-6 similarly-skilled teams based on players’ statistics and/or ability. No experience is necessary to join the league and all skill levels are welcome. You may form your own team with a group of friends or co-workers, or, if you are an individual looking for a team, the board of directors can assist you. Another suggestion for either finding a team for yourself or seeking individuals to complete your team is to attend the blind draws (see Blind Draws).


Each team selects a “home” bar. Half of the ten-week session is played at your “home” bar and the other half at “away” bars.


Each team has a captain whose responsibilities include: signing-up the team, deciding who will play which matches on league night, keeping the stats for the home and away teams, mailing stats to the statistician, and disseminating news and information to the team.


The GNDA’s fiscal year (September – August) is divided into three sessions:  


  • Fall – September through November  

  • Winter – January through March  

  • Summer – May through July


Teams sign-up and pay fees before each session at an event called “Final Signups.” The GNDA membership fee is $15 per year and league or session fees are $20, both due prior to league play. The $15 membership is paid once and is valid from time of purchase to the last day of December in year purchased. The session fee is paid prior to starting each of the three sessions per year.

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